Monday, February 4, 2013

10 Months

She's waving
She STILL hasn't said Mama, but she jabbers a lot.
She's had a little bit of separation anxiety.
She loves to play with other kids.
She doesn't want to eat her baby food anymore.
She fell all the way down the stairs.  (My fault for not making sure the gate was closed.)
She only cried for about 30 seconds when she fell all the way down the stairs.
She loves to throw things and has a pretty good arm.
She has figured out some of her more advanced toys.
She loves to pull things down and out. 
(Folded clothes out of drawers, books off of bookshelves.)
She has 2 new teeth on the bottom.
She went swimming twice and LOVED it.

(We took her 10 month pictures, but they won't be posted here because I'm not paying!)

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  1. I keep hearing about people having to pay for pictures but I haven't been charged - should I keep that quiet in case I've been overlooked lol? I put a gazillian pics on my blog and have never been asked to pay...