Monday, July 30, 2012

4 Months

I can't believe Kel is 4 months old!  Her time outside of me is sure going faster than her time inside!

She laughs a lot.
She sticks her bum up in the air while doing tummy time.
She loves to grab onto things all pull.
She loves her baths.
She loves her feet.  Her socks are often wet because she's been sucking on them.
She loves to sit up in her swing, bumbo, and jumper.
She would rather sit up than lay down.
She is starting to feel some stranger anxiety.
She is finally starting to fit into 3-6 month clothes.
She always has a smile for her daddy.
She loves to be outside.
Her eyes are still gray, though they seem to change colors throughout the day.
She loves to play with toys.
She can hold her own bottle.