Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The man has taken over

Since Liana has decided that with all her free time she cannot keep up on the blog,
I have "Hacked" into her account and taken over.

This is above the crib. It was made by Liana's Uncle Dec Hogan.
Dec Hogan = Fire fighter/Flyfisherman/Photographer
He took pictures of letters all over the Heber Valley and made Keladry's name out of them.

And this is me getting ready to break through some walls at the new SJHC building,
where I installed over 600 computers.
(I got lots of Compliments about my hat.)

I must go for now, I'm being summoned for dinner.

*edited for grammar and spelling by Liana...somethings I just can't let go.  :)


  1. I love it Russ!!! You should post more often!! :)


  2. You two crack me up! I love that you can tease each other through prose :) Ryan posted a couple of times on our blog too. I think that was at least 2 years ago...