Friday, December 9, 2011

What To Do?

Per Doctor's orders (or a very strong suggestion) my last day of work will be next week.  Though I'm not exactly ready to stop working, I know that my body is.  The question I have is, what will I do for 3 months?  I'm getting a lot of responses like sleep, relax, read...but honestly, who could do just that for 3 months without going completely insane?  I do like the idea of learning to knit (know anyone who can teach me?) or picking up some other really super cool hobby (Suggestions?), and I know I will be working on a few crafts for the decorating of Kel's nursery.  I'm also bringing my old upright here so I can re-tune my piano skills (It's amazing how much you can lose in a year when you don't play everyday.) and I figure I can pull out my flute and guitar, too.   I'm also really hoping that super clean everything nesting instinct kicks in sooner than later.

So, think of me sitting here.  
All alone.  
Waiting for the phone to ring.  
For someone to ask me to play.  
Or babysit.  
Or go out to lunch.  
Or something!  

1 comment:

  1. It can take some getting used to, that's for sure. The nesting instinct helps a lot. Also, I've found that being pregnant, people talk to me a lot more, for better or worse--more calls, more visits from neighbors, more sympathetic women. When I wasn't pregnant it's like I didn't exist. :) So yeah! Catch up with friends, knit, learn new crafts and talents and polish up on old ones, learn some nursery songs, take a community ed class...there's a lot of fun stuff to do!