Monday, June 20, 2011

If at First You don't Conceive....

....Try, try again.
It looks like we will be trying again this month.  We are doing pretty much the same thing we did last month (Femara, hcg trigger shot, and insemination.) but we are doubling the dose of Femara.  Hopefully that will give me more than one follicle.  (Twins?)

Keep prayin', baby dancin', or finger crossin' for us.  We'll take any help we can get!


PS My emotions are in check and I feel hopeful, so don't be worrying about me. :)


  1. I'll be thinking positive (two lines!) thoughts for you. I have been there, it sucks.

  2. Been right where you are... and now we are waiting to adopt #5. :) We did have one sucsessful IUI which resulted in a m/c. I just want to offer you my support and say that I am sending baby dust your way! :)

    - Lisa